Our pets! How do we describe the relationship we have with them? A member of the family, of course, they also play the role of friend, confidant, therapist, assistant, protector, coach, etc.

Their love is matched only by our desire to see them healthy and well. That’s why when a health problem arises, or our pet is injured and the cost of care exceeds the available budget, the adventure can quickly turn into a nightmare.

It is from this desire to help in these very specific moments that the DMV Foundation was created. When the quality of life or the life itself of the animal is threatened by lack of financial means, the DMV Foundation can sometimes make all the difference. Imagine the joy and immense relief of the owners when the DMV Foundation allows to continue or complete the veterinary care essential to the well-being of their animal so that they can go home.

If you believe, like us, that loving animals is loving life, there are many things you can do to help the DMV Foundation in the pursuit of its mission.

Make a donation

Whether it is:

  • Simply because animal welfare is important to you;

  • To pay tribute to your deceased companion by making a donation in memoriam;

  • To highlight the excellent veterinary care your pet has received;

  • Because you realize that you are privileged to be able to provide the necessary care for your pet and that you want to help those who cannot afford it;

  • Recurring donations and testaments are also possible.

Other ways to help?

There are other ways to contribute to the cause, to make a difference…

  • By participating in our fundraising activities (links to the Activities page);

  • By buying our greeting cards (links to form);

  • By becoming a volunteer: [email protected];

  • By talking about us and our cause to your friends and following us on Facebook;

In Short…

All means are good to help us help them!

  • On behalf of all DMV Foundation beneficiaries and their families, no matter what contribution you choose, we THANK YOU in advance from the bottom of our heart for your valuable support!

To love animals is to love life

Help us save them!