Who we are

The DMV Foundation was created from an initiative of the veterinarians of the DMV Veterinary Center. It was created in August 2000 to provide financial assistance to owners of animals treated in one of the DMV Veterinary Centers for emergency care or referred by their family veterinarian for specialized care and who can no longer afford the cost of the treatment.

When the quality of life or the life itself of the animal is threatened by lack of financial means, the DMV Foundation can sometimes make all the difference. Imagine the joy and the immense relief of the owners when the DMV Foundation makes it possible to continue the veterinary care essential to the well-being of their companion so that she/he can return home.

Since its creation, with the help of its donors, its business partners and those who have animal welfare at heart, the DMV Foundation has succeeded in helping hundreds of pets, cats and dogs, much to the delight of their families.

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The team

The DMV Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO) governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Administrators, totaling a group of a maximum of 12 people.

Dr Michel Gosselin – President

M Noël Grospeiller – Vice-President

Mme Manon Bolduc – Tresurer

Virginie Beaucage – Administrator

Mme Natalie Lebrun – Administrator

Shannon Kousaie – Administrator

Dre Caroline de Jaham – Administrator

Mme Nicole Fortin – Executive Director

Who can benefit from the help of the DMV Foundation?

DMV Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to owners of animals treated at one of the DMV Veterinary Centers for emergency care or referred by their regular veterinarian for specialized care and who can no longer afford the treatment costs. The help provided contributes to the well-being of the animal and aims to return them to their family and to their regular veterinarian for the continuity of his or her care.

The Board of Directors approve applications for assistance according to their best judgment in accordance with the mission, values, objectives of the DMV Foundation and the eligibility criteria described below. In the event of acceptance of the application, the amount of the donation granted will be equivalent to a maximum of 15% of the estimated costs for the medical solution proposed by the veterinarian, following the diagnosis.

All applications must comply with the eligibility criteria established by the Board of Directors, namely:

Essential criteria:

  • The DMV Foundation’s assistance is necessary for the continuation of the treatment because the beneficiary has used all the financial resources at his/her disposal and should, without the help of the DMV Foundation, stop the treatment;
  • At the time of application, the animal is treated at one of the DMV Veterinary Centers and is under the responsibility of one of its veterinarians;
  • The survival or quality of life of the animal is at stake;
  • The client must demonstrate a clear desire to save his/her animal and provide the necessary care for his/her condition after he or she returns home;
  • A significant amount* must already have been invested by the client and they must have paid the full amount due to the DMV Veterinary Centers before the amount of the donation granted by the Foundation is credited to their account.

* This amount may vary according to the financial means of the client and must be evaluated according to the good judgment of the requesting veterinarian. The purpose of this criteria is to demonstrate the client’s seriousness in their approach, their willingness to take care of their animal and their long-term commitment to its well-being.

Other important criterias:

  • The life expectancy of the patient is more than one year;
  • The prognoses is reasonable;
  • The animal can be followed by its regular veterinarian thereafter;
  • The case is of rare academic interest.

The patient must meet at least 7 criteria, which must include 5 essential criteria, to be eligible for financial assistance.

Important Note: Compliance with eligibility criteria does not create an obligation to approve an application for assistance.

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